The EyePromote platform comes with all the features you need to successfully manage and grow your online reputation, growing your business and helping you succeed! 

Reputation Management

Our user friendly dashboard makes is easy to manually request online reviews as well as setting rules to automatically ask for reviews at key points in your relationships with your customers.

Our reputation management dashboard also gives you key reporting on how many reviews you are getting, average ratings and sources, ensuring you can measure everything.

Online Reviews

Our reputation management dashboard also allows you to respond to the reviews you receive from customers, showing them you are engaged and care.

Replying to a review is as easy as pointing and clicking!

Facebook Messenger

Does your company have a heavy presence on Facebook? Your team will be able to easily communicate, in real-time with customers on Facebook Messenger via our clean, easy to use Contact Chat dashboard. No more having to log into multiple platforms to manage conversations with customers or potential customers.

Google My Business Call Tracking

Our Google My Business integration enables you to automatically move your main business number to the secondary slot in your GMB Profile and add a secondary call tracking number to the primary slot WITHOUT impacting your SEO.

This allows you to record incoming calls that you can review for quality assurance and gives you critical customer service team building opportunities.

Missed Call Text Back

Are you a small business and always on the run? Missing a phone call and not getting back to a customer or potential customer right away could be the difference between winning business and losing out.

Our platform includes intuitive missed call text back messaging that will give your customers and potential customers comfort that you know they called and will get back to them ASAP.

Text To Pay

Does your business have field technicians, offer online “on-demand” services, or have any other function that requires payments on the fly? Our helpful text to pay feature will allow your team to request payments in any on-demand setting, ensuring you are getting paid for the great products or services you provide.*

*Requires A FREE Stripe Account


Online reviews are of course the lifeblood of thought leadership and SEO rankings, but it is also important to get ongoing feedback from your customers. Our built-in Survey Tool makes this easy. Easily create an unlimited number of surveys you can send to customers, ensuring you are always on the pulse of how people feel about working with your company.

SMS & Email Templates

We understand that everyone is busy. Nobody wants to have to type out the same messages repeatedly. Our SMS & Email Template Library eliminates this frustration. Simply click to pick from a list of pre-saved messages and click “send”. That’s all it takes.

Looking for suggestions on messages? Our team has libraries of messages for multiple industries that we can install right into your platform to help you get started.


We are big believers in trying to automate as much as possible for our busy business owners. Using customer behavior, in combination with automated triggers we can put your EyePromote system on autopiolot, making it the most intuitive, easy to use platform you have every used.


Being able to speak with potential customers in real-time, getting them the answers they are looking for is important, but the truth is many potential customers will not simply purchase the first time they come into contact with a business. For busy small business owners this generally leads to the potential customer slipping through the cracks.

Our intuitive platform can automatically put these leads into nurturing funnels that educate potential customers about your products and services, increasing the likelihood they end up becoming customers.


Many business owners have found managing their websites requires more time and technical know how than they have available. To help solve this problem, we’ve integrated WordPress into our platform. Our platform will allow you to either migrate your existing website to our platform, or you can have our team build you a new website. Even better, we take care of the hosting and website management*.


*Web hosting and custom website builds billed separately


Do you have an internal sales team that needs to be routed leads and multiple calendars that need to be maintained to arrange meetings? Our built-in team calendar feature makes this task simple. Easily integrate your G-Suite or Outlook calendars and set multiple types of lead assignment rules that fit with the exact way you are running your sales team.


If your business has a sales team you know how important a CRM is. The truth is though that many small businesses do not have one. We’ve set our platform up to include all the core basic features of a CRM, giving you greater functionality without having to absorb the cost of an additional platform.

Email Marketing

Keeping in touch with customers and potential customers is important. Our drag and drop email builder makes this task easy. Quickly and easily create email templates and send them out to anyone in your database in minutes.

Social Planner

Any business owner can tell you that managing multiple social media platforms can be time consuming and difficult. Our intuative social media planner makes it easy to create social posts and schedule them across multiple social media platforms in a single action, freeing your time up and making it so you have a single source to view everything that is going on with your social media efforts.


At the end of the day, if something is not measurable, it is not worth doing. The vast reporting features in our platform will give you immediate insight into any metrics you are looking to monitor, ensuring that your efforts are always moving in the positive direction of growing your business.

Need Additional Features?

One of the most powerful parts of our platform is that it is so easily integrateable with just about any platform out there. Want to know what we integrate with? Check out our Integrations List. Don’t see the particular platform on there you are looking for? Call Us.