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Mission Statement

By recognizing the key role that EyePromote® health-related products play in contributing to patient education, patient compliance and product selection, we pledge to enhance communication to the patient in cooperation with the healthcare practitioner -- resulting in an increase of the patient's knowledge of his/her medical condition, and elevating awareness of available treatment options/products while encouraging improvement of the patient’s health-related quality of life (HRQOL).


What About Your Practice?

Are you educating patients about your professional services and their treatment options? 

Why are telephone “on-hold” messages so critically important to your practice?  Studies* point out:

  • 70% of business callers are placed on hold.
  • 85% of on-hold callers will wait if there is a message on hold.
  • 88% of on-hold callers will hang up if there are no on-hold messages.
  • Among those who hang up, 34% will not call back.

It happens at your office all the time – your staff member is doing business over the phone and has to place your patient on hold.  Is your patient irritated by some canned “elevator” music until you reconnect?  Or, even worse than the dead silence of nothing at all, perhaps your on-hold patient listens to a local radio station that is broadcasting an advertisement for your competitor located right down the street!  Instead of "music-on-hold" use “message-on-hold” to reinforce your company’s image and inform patients about your professional services, prescribed therapeutic products, medical conditions, and your practice’s special promotions.


How Do You Communicate With Your Patients Outside Of The Office?

How do you keep "top-of-the-mind" awareness with your patients after they visit your practice?  One great way to keep in touch with your patients is with our customized informative newsletters and our patient-oriented "call-to-action" interactive  Emails.  When used on a consistant basis (semi-annual or quarterly), you can help maintain awareness of your practice's services, prescribed healthcare products and therapeutic options. 

*Research by AT&T, North American Telecommunications Association, US West/Qwest, Nationwide Insurance, USA Today, Accountemps, Voice Response Inc., Avaya, Maximarketing, and Marc Lyman & Associates.


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